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Surveillance Station 8.2

Surveillance Station 8.2 BETA

Next-generation features such as LiveCam and Smart Time Lapse are redefining the limits of deployment and surveillance applications. Reaching beyond the current features and management structure, the fully-evolved DS cam, Application Center, and other functionalities are bringing the user experience and management efficiency to a whole new level.

Free from Conventional Deployment Limitation with Boundless Device Support

On top of more than 6000+ cameras already supported, the all-new App LiveCam is forging the link between the cameras on mobile devices and Surveillance Station, ultimately breaking through the confines of conventional deployment. With the first-ever extensive integration with IP speakers, we are introducing analog-to-digital conversion in surveillance to the realm of audio systems, significantly improving the convenience of deployment, management and utilization.

IP Speaker
  • Record As You Go with No Storage Limitation

    No need for extra setup! Record anywhere and instantly send your recording back to Surveillance Station on your remote NAS for simultaneous viewing and storing.

    Zero Interruption during Uploading

    Recording is no longer dependent on internet availability. Edge Recording records and stores videos directly on the supported devices during a loss of Internet connectivity. This allows for retrieval of the videos once the connection is restored.

    Coming Soon
  • Convenient and User-Friendly Operation

    With just a few simple steps, users can now broadcast audio in real time or play scheduled recordings on multiple IP speakers synchronously with the Grouping feature.

    Digitized Deployment with Remote Management and Monitoring

    By converting analog signals into a digital format, administrators can easily complete deployment and manage IP speakers remotely troubleshooting and more.

Evolved Interface and Management

A more streamlined DS cam user interface, with an easily customizable Application Center, and enhanced Dual-Authorization elevate the surveillance environment together.

DS cam: Brand new experience. Extraordinary Performance
Revamped Application Center
Security Upgrade — Dual Authorization
  • Significantly Enhanced User Experience

    The new, streamlined user interface provides an intuitive experience.

    Multi-Timeline Playback for Incident Reconstruction

    Supporting both single- and multi-timeline playback to help users quickly locate the recorded footage of the target incident and trace back events.

    Adding License by QR Code

    DS cam now supports license addition via QR code. Quickly add multiple licenses in one scan to increase the convenience of large-scale deployments.

  • Select from over 20 advanced applications for various deployment needs. Whether to manage applications or download utilities, your Surveillance Station upgrade is just a click away.

  • Dual Authorization restricts sensitive functions such as managing cameras or accessing video records to only be performed with authorization from another party. With extra protection in place, this prevents the leaking of your sensitive information.

Infinite Possibilities Beyond Surveillance

Unleash the potential and capabilities of your Surveillance Station with the advent of Live Broadcast and Smart Time Lapse

Live Broadcast

The Live Broadcast application enables you to live stream to YouTube with a simple setup process, allowing visitors to watch live footage without the need to install additional software.

Smart Time Lapse

Time Lapse fast forwards a long video and generates a shorter version that is only a few minutes or even seconds long, making it convenient to monitor the progress of ongoing tasks. The time compression factor can be dynamically reduced to display more video details when specific events are detected.

More features

Surveillance Station Installation-Free Web App

Fully supports the HTML5 web player.
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Surveillance Station Client

GPU acceleration is supported by native macOS and Windows clients
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Optimized client management features

You can now update the firmware of VisualStation or designate the live view layouts of VisualStation or Surveillance Station clients remotely.

More comprehensive user guide

With the support of easy-to-understand documents, this guide will help you become more acquainted with each of the great Surveillance Station features in no time.

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