Gadgets Magazine, Philippines
DS1517+ has been awarded Gadgets Editors' Pick on Gadgets Magazine

"The only difficult thing I had to do when I reviewed the DS1517+ was to part with it. There is a cube-shaped hole in my heart now"

Kitguru, United Kingdom
RT2600ac is given the Kitguru Worth Buying Award

The Synology RT2600ac combines workmanlike WiFi performance with lots of router configuration options and extension via packages, making it a great mid-range all rounder.

TEK.NO, Norway
Synology DiskStation DS416play is recommended by (please note this review is in Norwegian) / Synology DiskStation DS416play anbefales av

“Great home NAS for those who want the security and opportunities Btrfs provides. / Glimrende hjemme-NAS for brukere som ønsker sikkerheten og mulighetene som Btrfs tilbyr."

PC & Tech Authority, Australia
Synology RT2600ac recommended by PC & Tech Authority as "the best router on the market"

"This is a router that does everything you could ever as for, whether you're a network noobie who just wants to run the setup wizard and have everything running in seconds, or you're an advanced user who wants to fiddle with the deepest of settings."

We Got Served, United Kingdom
Synology RT2600ac wins the innovation award from We Got Served

"At the end of the day, the Synology RT2600ac isn’t just about the numbers. The Synology Router Manager software and interface are insanely powerful and yet easy to use. It’s great to be able to enhance and expand the capabilities of your router by installing the packages you need. Synology have done a great job with their provided packages – the Intrusion Prevention and VPN Plus packages are both easy to use and great for the security conscious. But you aren’t limited to Synology’s packages, some of the most useful addons come from third party packages and you even have the power to run Plex Server."

APC, Australia
APC Magazine reviewed Synology DiskStation DS716+II

"The DiskStation DS716+II is a powerful and very fast NAS, capable of providing much more than just media and file services."

Hexus,net, United Kingdom
Synology RT2600ac router gets ‘Approved’ by Hexus

"...touting combined wireless speeds of up to 2.53Gbps, the router has performance promise and delivers support for forward-looking standards such as MU-MIMO."