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White Paper

Synology Security White Paper

This white paper outlines Synology’s approach to security and policy compliance for our major product, Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM).

Synology QuickConnect White Paper

QuickConnect is designed to make connecting Synology NAS servers easy and quick.

Synology Drive White Paper

Serving as a centralized file portal, Synology Drive is an all-round file management solution for accessing, syncing, and sharing files to and from various devices anytime and anywhere, thereby increasing work efficiency and productivity.

Synology High Availability (SHA): An Introduction

The Synology High Availability solution ensures non-stop storage services with maximized system availability to decrease the risk and impact of unexpected interruptions and costly downtime.

High Availability Cluster for RC18015xs+

The High Availability solution for RC18015xs+ ensures non-stop storage services with maximized system availability to mitigate the risk and impact of unexpected interruptions and costly downtime.

Synology NAS for VMware

This white paper gives you some technical tips on how to use your Synology NAS as an iSCSI storage for a VMware environment.

Enhanced Data Protection with Synology Snapshot Technology

This white paper is intended for Synology customers and partners looking for data protection solutions and maximized data availability.

Using Synology SSD Technology to Enhance System Performance

By leveraging the superior random access performance of Solid State Drives (SSD), Synology SSD Cache technology provides a solution to enterprise challenges which boosts read and write speeds without adding to the overall number of disks.

Cloud Sync White Paper Based on DSM 6.1

This white paper outlines the technical designs of Cloud Sync and offers the details regarding its performance.

Synology Notification Service White Paper Based on DSM 6.0.3

This white paper explains the encryption mechanism when Synology services are transmitting push notifications to users’ mobile devices via third-party services.

Synology RAID F1 White Paper

Synology RAID F1 enhances the endurance of RAID compared to other RAID algorithms, an important concern for enterprise flash storage products.

Synology FS3017 20,000 Mailbox Microsoft Exchange 2013 Mailbox Resiliency Storage Solution

This white paper provides information on Synology’s Flash Station FS3017 storage solution for Microsoft Exchange Server, based on the Microsoft Exchange Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP) – Storage program.

Cloud Station White Paper Based on DSM 6.0

Synology Cloud Station provides a safe, cross-platform, cross-site, and autonomous solution.

Access Control in Surveillance Station 7.2.2 and above

In Surveillance Station 7.2.2 and above, Synology NAS is taken as an access control server communicating with AXIS A1001, so that all the access management operations can be conducted via the Surveillance Station interface.

CMS Failover in Surveillance Station 8.0.0 and above

Surveillance Station provides flexible failover options which allow for automatic or manual transfer of services to the backup system during unexpected situations, reducing the risk of data loss or other damages caused by service downtime.