Synology Drive 2.0 Beta

Synology Drive 2.0 Beta

Full-fledged file syncing, sharing, and collaboration solution. Access only what you need on Windows 10 PC without taking up unnecessary space, and seamlessly sync files among multiple NAS servers.

On-demand Sync on Windows 10 PC

No longer do you need to strike a balance between file synchronization and storage capacity. Tip the balance by installing Synology Drive Client on your PC, and space won’t be a concern anymore. Once you enable On-demand Sync, you can set up a sync task and files will be downloaded only when you need them. Learn more.

Protect your files flexibly

Keep data under your control with granular file backup and restore options.

  • Backup

    You get to decide what files and folders get backed up and what don’t. It’s all up to you whether to back up your files when changes are made or set up scheduled backups.
  • Restore

    Self-restore window lets you restore files to a particular point-in-time. Without bothering the IT admin, you can restore whatever and whenever you want.
  • Backup
  • Restore
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Full content ownership

As content owners, configure restricted access by imposing constraints on downloading and copying of the content when sharing files with others – with just a simple click.

Synology Drive Server, the complete cross-platform solution

Synology Drive Server now comes with Synology Drive, Synology Drive Admin Console, and Synology Drive ShareSync. With Synology Drive ShareSync, you can perform sync tasks between a central NAS and multiple NAS devices – seamlessly syncing data across different sites. Find out more about cross-site file syncing & sharing solution.

Editing and presenting with Synology Office 3.2

Grant permissions to users to edit specific cells while leaving other areas protected, and spice up your presentation with visual aids, transitions and animation effects.

  • Protected cells on worksheets

    Assign permissions for specific working areas on worksheets, so every collaborator knows exactly where they should work on and put their effort into the right place.

  • Make lively presentations with visuals

    Pictures speak louder than words. Crop and format images to make them fit in better to your slides, or simply add videos to effectively get your point across.

  • Bring presentations to life

    Put a finishing touch to your presentation with smooth slide transitions and add a sense of playfulness with animation effects.

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