MailPlus 2.1 Beta

MailPlus 2.1 Beta

MailPlus 2.1 facilitates GDPR compliance for your company while providing a robust private cloud solution enabling users to migrate emails from G Suite to MailPlus. Aimed at enhancing productivity, machine learning technology helps categorize the most important emails for you.

Taking control of data privacy

Make sure your corporate is GDPR-ready when you receive requests to process certain emails from EU citizens. To better secure your total data privacy, you can seamlessly migrate emails from G Suite to MailPlus.

Mail Search

Authorized personnel can make search queries, preview the email content, and then decide whether to export or delete the requested emails.

Administration Logs

Authorized system admins or DPOs (Data Protection Officer) can monitor any possible abuse of Mail Search with detailed information including username and login IP recorded in Administration Logs.

Smooth migration for G Suite users

Integrated with Google API, MailPlus provides a hassle-free experience when you are migrating emails from Google G Suite to Synology MailPlus, without the need to collect passwords from every user. Staying away from subscription fees and securing absolute privacy have never been so easy.

Intuitive web client

Single message view

If you prefer to organize emails according to your own ways, now you can turn off the conversation view so that the emails will be displayed as individual messages, instead of being grouped by the same email subject.

Warning signs for suspicious mails

If a mail fails to pass MailPlus' verification methods, including the SPF, DKIM, DMARC authentication checks, a warning sign over any possible phishing attacks will pop up. 

Customized logo on web client

To provide a uniform image to company employees, you can now upload the image of your corporate logo and set it as the logo displayed on the MailPlus web client.

New hover action design

Simply hover over an email and you can efficiently archive and delete it, mark it as read, or add it to a Calendar task with the newly added shortcut.

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